Métier is a collection of luxury leather goods for the modern connoisseur.  Each thoroughly perfected detail reflects the ultimate balance of craftsmanship and practicality for a life on the go.

The Métier Story

Métier was created by designer Melissa Morris to address a specific challenge she found herself facing. Technology has revolutionised our lives, allowing us to be on the go from morning to night. We are also travelling far more than ever before but it seemed the inside of a luxury bag had never evolved to keep up.  

Melissa noticed that like herself, people around her had developed makeshift solutions to keep themselves organised; none of them ideal.  Somehow we had all accepted that practicality was synonymous with luxury leather goods. This went against Melissa’s fundamental belief that customer-centricity is at the heart of luxury, a luxury bag should not only be refined and elegant but address our needs.

From there, Métier was born. After three years of meticulous work in Italy with the most highly skilled craftsmen and women, Métier was launched in London in April 2017.  Each piece addresses the needs of a specific journey, inspired by Melissa’s own travels, and is brought to life in the most elegant way possible. Modularity is at the core of the design vision and each piece moves seamlessly from day to night to overnight whilst maintaining refined, luxurious aesthetic.

Design & Craft

Handmade in a storied Italian atelier, every Métier product is crafted from the highest quality materials which are sourced from Italy and France.  Making no compromise, each detail is meticulously perfected through many iterations to balance form and function.  

Layers of leather are fashioned into unique thicknesses for each style to ensure each bag is as lightweight as it is lasting. Hardware, made from solid brass, is strong and durable, linings are made from Alcantara, a microfibre used in vintage luxury cars and designed to be lush yet resilient. Pressure points have been carefully reinforced to ensure longevity and every design has been tested in a facility in Italy which simulates 20 years of use. Pieces are pitched against wind, rain, humidity and weight to ensure they meet our exacting standards. 

The resulting products are timeless, perfected, purposeful and luxurious; made to be loved for life.

Our Flagship Store

Métier is inspired by travel but London is the place we call home. Our flagship store is located in the heart of Mayfair at 59 South Audley Street.  Its design echoes the experience of exploring a Métier bag itself, with secret drawers and shelves tucked into unexpected places. Inspired by antique sailing yachts, the walls are lined in teaked walnut with claret leather panelling. There are stylish hardback books in glass cabinets, chrome finishings and a bar at the back for a speedy espresso or negroni. Our team await, on hand to assist and help you explore.

Métier designs can also be found in the world's most exclusive shops.