“I love form and function. Superfluous doesn’t make sense to me. A product has to perform otherwise it’s better not to have anything at all.” Melissa Morris, Founder and Designer

At Métier, design begins with need and purpose. Launched in 2017 with a collection of handbags and luggage for men and women, Melissa Morris engineers everything from scratch and always with functionality at the fore. Shapes are worked endlessly, sketched out with pencil and paper until an outline resonates. Everything is wear-tested, tweaked and adjusted until it’s the perfect product.

Made for travels great and small, the brand combines time-honoured techniques, impeccable materials and innovative design to craft timeless luxury leather pieces for the modern voyage – whether crossing the ocean or simply a city. 

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Melissa studied sculpture and business at Emory University in Atlanta before embarking on a career in the fashion industry where she worked for esteemed houses. Yet, she always had her own idea of what luxury should be and what a brand could be: aspirational but commercial, timeless but of-the-moment, a product that’s indisputably beautiful but befits an urban lifestyle; an exquisite kind of utility. 

“I love the story about Christian Dior, who famously refused to cut a dress in velvet for a client who was attending the opera. He said, ‘I can’t do that, you will be sitting, the fabric will get crushed.’ I love that. That is the difference; that’s what luxury is, it’s this real obsession about doing something so perfectly and thoughtfully.”

Handcraft is at the heart of the Métier design language. Working with only the best ateliers in Italy (discovered after a six month search) who were able to deliver a veritable lost art of craftsmanship passed down through generations, everything is made in-house. It’s no easy feat acquiring time-honoured craftspeople for a new brand, but unsurprisingly, the concept of Métier struck a chord. “They wanted to support a brand that was, in turn, supporting their craft and industry. At the end of the day, we’re bringing back an awareness of what luxury is and re-educating the customer on what that looks and feels like.”

Artisanal techniques are celebrated in every detail; leather is sourced from the most acclaimed tanneries in the world and gets better with age acquiring its own unique patina, zips glide rather than chug, hardware is solid brass and bespoke, discreet fastenings close with a satisfying snap, nothing is compromised, even down to the tiniest elements where edge paint is exacting, and precisely-placed mushroom studs are ultra-refined. Attention to detail is unparalleled. 

Even the colours are researched and inspired by vintage Porsche palettes, hues lifted from car interiors and exteriors that are forever in style. Métier’s navy is inky with black, elegant ‘Riviera Blue’ has you dreaming of the Mediterranean, while Buttercup is the richest, sunniest yellow; chic shades that are immune to dating and have already stood the test of time. Every Métier piece is a modern day heirloom in waiting.